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Sharline and Richmar we’re craving intimacy and adventure when they contacted us! They were ready to break free from convention and embrace the unconventional. 

 Picture this: a snowstorm swirling outside, a tiny house cocooned in warmth, and two high school sweethearts from Toronto, exchanging their vows in their comfiest loungewear, how unique! 

Welcome to Lac Beauport, Quebec, where cozy elopements amidst winter's embrace are nothing short of magical.

Love Amidst The Snowflakes
Sharline and Richmar wanted to escape the hustle and bustle of Toronto, seeking refuge in the serene beauty of Lac Beauport. As the snowflakes danced outside, they found solace in a charming tiny house Airbnb LAGOM , nestled amidst the snowy landscape. With its modern and cozy interior, it's the perfect hideaway for your intimate celebration.

Breaking Free From Tradition
But this isn't your typical wedding day. They’ve chosen to elope, to break free from the expectations of family and traditions. Instead of formal attire and extravagant ceremonies, they opted for loungewear and simplicity. It's a celebration of love, stripped down to its purest essence.

Cozying Up By The Fire
As the snowstorm rages outside, with no distractions, no obligations, it's just the two of them, lost in the moment.

Saying "I Do" In Comfort
With no audience but the the falling snow, Sharline and Richmar exchanged vows and tears. It's a moment of pure authenticity. They promised to love each other unconditionally, to cherish every moment, no matter what life may bring.

Capturing The Magic
Gabrielle Desmarchais captured every fleeting moment, immortalizing the intimacy and beauty of their elopement. From stolen glances to tender embraces, every photo tells a story of love and devotion.

Embracing The Unknown
As the snowstorm subsides and the world outside transformed into a winter wonderland, Sharline and Richmar shared a piece of cake and their first dance.

Forever Begins Here
Lac Beauport may be just a dot on the map, but it's where their journey truly begins. With hearts full of love and souls intertwined, they left behind the noise and chaos of the world, choosing instead to embrace the quiet beauty of their love in secret.

Are you ready to escape from the chaos and embrace the simplicity of love? Let Lac Beauport be the backdrop for your intimate elopement, contact us for more information on your intimate elopement! 

Photographer Gabrielle Desmarchais

Location LAGOM

Cake Cakefetti 

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