We offer a unique shopping experience in four easy steps: choosing among more than 10,000 fabrics; selecting the cut and other options; having measurements taken; and fitting. Our online design tool, The Studio, even lets you see your creation before you order it. You will receive your masterpiece four to six weeks later. If any adjustments are required, our in-house tailors will take care of them at no cost to you.


Because we want to be where our clients are, Surmesur offers a range of retail shopping formats to choose from: 

Surmesur Store

This is your classic storefront location where we offer the signature Surmesur experience: Style Consultants help you design and order your made-to-measure clothing using state-of-the-art software, Measurement Specialists ensure the perfect fit, and expert tailors put the final touch on your custom creation.

Surmesur Shop-in-Shop

Otherwise known as a shop-in-shop, this is like a miniaturized version of a regular Surmesur Store located inside a larger retail outlet. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy the in-store Surmesur experience even if you don’t live in an urban area with a full-fledged Surmesur store.

Surmesur On the Road

When you can’t come to us, we come to you. Surmesur On the Road offers you the same distinctive products and services at your home or office, by appointment.

The Studio

Surmesur combines tradition and innovation by offering you the opportunity to create and order your made-to-measure clothing using our online creation software we call The Studio. Come see our Measurement Specialists to get measured, create your online profile, and place future orders from the comfort of home!

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