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It’s moments before you walk down the aisle, the flower girl is having a meltdown, the best man is making a pass at the maid of honour and your father is crying about losing his baby girl. It all seems like too much, but then Valerie takes your hands, looks you in the eye and tells you, “we got this, I’ll see you down there.” And you just know it’ll all be ok. Not to mention that she and her team captured every one of those moments that you will laugh about for years to come! 

Valerie and Studio Baron Photo is all about capturing REAL moments that tell your story. We do it in a way that is beautiful, fun and authentic. The best part is you’ll have memories that last a lifetime and are stunning to look at, and make you feel like you are living those great moments again and again. 

We love partnering with our clients to create photos that are even better than what they could have imagined for their big day. It’s a joy and a privilege and one we look forward to each and every time we pick up a camera.

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