Julia Garcia-Prat Photographie

My name is Julia, I am 34 and I am a Montreal-based photographer. I shoot weddings, couple sessions and portraiture between Canada and Europe.

I like to describe myself as a documentary style photographer with a love for fine arts.

Holy moly, what does this even mean, you asked?

Well, it means that I like keeping things real and aim to capture your day as it unfolds: raw, candid and spontaneous. With that being said, I also love to incorporate gorgeous aesthetics into my pictures, and if it means so go deep inside a forest or climb a mountain to get the perfect shot, then I’m all in!

As an artist, I choose to edit my photographs and express our time together by working with gorgeous palettes with rich and moodier colors so my clients can feel emotions deep down in their bones, reminiscing their big day.

Published in: Mariage Québec and Rock n’ Roll Bride

Prize : Applied Art, « Les Montréalaises”, Portrait series from Montréal


  Photo credit: JS Dénommé for  CURIOUS Montré  al