John KOO Photography

It’s not a photo, it’s not a video, it's an animated’s a GIF! Don't have a lame lackluster event! Be awesome, have a        Gif-ing greeeat time with Gif Booth Montreal! 

I’m a wedding photographer who enjoys photographing amazing couples! The fulfillment and joy of documenting all the special moments of a wedding compares to nothing else….I get all warm and fuzzy inside just thinking about it! To freeze that exclusive moment in time and being able to share my vision with others is a passion, a privilege and honour for me. I consider my camera to be a true extension of myself and I use it to capture expressions, movements, emotions, and the decisive moments.

In addition to my photography and GIF Booth services, I offer a KOOL photo booth with prints onsite, wedding albums, and video guestbook.

I personally invite you to take a look at my online portfolio.

Stay awesome and chat soon!

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