Eugenie Bee

Founded in 2010, Eugenie Bee jewelry translates a true passion of past era, history and architecture combined with modernism and minimalism to create dainty and edgy pieces.

Each piece is unique, shape by hand with care in the Montreal workshop and crafted in small quantities with refined materials and fine gems that are built to last. Eugenie Bee jewelry aims to fit like a glove, adorn your outfit on your wedding day and everyday after and to be passed down through generations.

Through the Astari collection, Eugenie Bee’s latest collection, are explored the mysteries of the universe, the constellations & stars and their influence in the zodiac and Art Deco movement.

Inspired by the celestial realm, the Astari collection is overflowed by moon crescents and shooting stars with pave crystals, playful necklaces that can be worn on the front or draping on the back, mystical statement earrings and other-worldly headpieces glistening like the Milky Way.

Eugenie Bee jewelry can be found at select boutiques across Canada, USA and Europe and online through Eugenie Bee e-store. 


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Instagram: @eugeniebee

  Clotilde Laporte-Babin, owner

Clotilde Laporte-Babin, owner

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