Dyade Photo

Dyade Photo is a couple of nomad photographers. Two hearts united, two visions that meet. Those of Josée and Patrick.

Josée is the sensitive one. She trusts her emotional instincts. She has an incredible talent for magnifying people and places. She collects details as a testament to the authenticity of your love story.

Patrick has a thirst for secret places. A contagious energy that defuses all your fears. He has an incomparable flair for capturing emotions on the fly. He is a spontaneous creative who constantly renews himself.

We have a visceral love for our vast and windy country. If you love wide open spaces, infinite horizons, feeling the wind whip your face, then we want to meet you! We want to connect with people who are sensitive to art, life and the uniqueness of things. We surround ourselves with those who take the time to live every second fully, too well aware that life passes by us way too quickly.

Website: www.dyadephoto.com

Facebook: Dyade Photo

Instagram: @dyadephoto