What is Crémeux?

Crémeux is the project of Myriam Ménard, portrait photographer for many years in Montreal. She was looking toto bring the world of weddings elsewhere, in a more relaxed and authentic sphere. Together with her team of carefully selected photographers, she offers you pictures that look and feel like what happened on that day, emotions included!

Why Crémeux?

Because we propose daring images, we look for what is out of the ordinary.

Crémeux is also a word related to delicacy. In our opinion, love is exactly something that is consumed only because we love it, and without thinking about the consequences!

With the Crémeux team, you will have a velvety experience. We will capture you during your most zany moments, honest and emotional, but oh so delicious!


Facebook: Crémeux

Instagram: @_cremeux_