Événement Essentielles

Essentielles is a company founded and managed by two young women
with different experiences in event organization, this is why
they are the perfect team and they complement each other.

Bianca and Marie-Frédérique offer a service of organization,
planning and management of important moments that mark your life
forever. They are able to accompany you for the creation of
ambiance and personalized themes. Their style can be described
as bohemian, chic, eclectic and retro all at once.

Their goal is to make real your vision of a memorable moment,
unique and to your image. All this in order to allow you to take
full advantage of the present moment.

They like to face challenges, create atmospheres in unexplored
or unknown places to which you probably would not have thought.

They will be happy to make your event unforgettable!


Website: www.evenementessentielles.com

Facebook: Essentielles

Instagram: @essentiellesmtl