Eugenie Bee

Fine jewelry, delightfully Art Nouveau, charmingly Orientalist, magnificently Napoleon III, escaped from cabinets of curiosities, here is the story of Eugenie Bee. Founded in 2010, Eugenie Bee jewelry translates a true passion of past and history combined with modernism to create dainty edgy pieces.

Our jewelry collection is influenced by the turn on the 20th century: Art Nouveau, an art movement inspired by organic forms and structures and animal representations. The Orientalist movement, an expression of a fascination for the east and middle east from European artists. Finally, the Art Deco period for the sharp geometric shapes and the androgyny of fashion in the 1920s.

Each piece is unique, crafted by hand with care in our Montreal workshop and produced in small quantities with top quality materials that are built to last. Eugenie Bee jewelry aims to fit like a glove, adorn your outfit on your wedding day and everyday after and to be passed down through generations.


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