brent calis photography


I hope my photos allow you to forget everything around you for even a split second.  I hope they help tell a story from the moments in time when they were taken. Stories that you conjure up in your imagination.  That’s what makes photos so special. Better than any video.  The photographer shares his or her perspective, and the rest of the story is up to the viewer to create.






samantha roy photography


Now that we have been officially introduced, the first thing you should know about me is – I laugh A LOT! Second, you should know that I am a young  mother of four wonderful children ( they aren’t ALWAYS wonderful but that’s how it works ). I love capturing moments and making connections. I am based in Sherbrooke, Québec. I am truly blessed to be able to own my own business and spend my time meeting wonderful people like YOU! I am always ready for a new adventure and believe that life should be lived to it’s fullest!




yanick lesperance


Je suis Yanick et basé dans l’est du Canada. Je vous invite à parcourir mes créations, découvrir les gens que je rencontre et qui m’inspirent, ici et là, à travers le continent.