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Have you heard of camping weddings? It is a wedding concept in which the bride and groom rent tipi shaped tents to house guests. These are luxurious, sturdy tents, usually made of canva. They come with all the necessary equipment: beds, pillows, blankets, etc.

The first step is to find a company that rents and delivers the tents on the location of your choice. This can be almost anywhere: in a national park, at a campsite or on a private domain: it is important to ask for the relevant authorizations.

One of the biggest advantage of offering accommodation to your guests is that you can plan a wedding weekend, meaning the chance to enjoy the company of your guests until the day after the wedding. It will bring plenty of opportunities to spend quality time with your family members and friends.

Another advantage of housing your guests is for security reasons: your guests can enjoy a drink or two without worrying about driving home. It is also an opportunity to experience a night in the outdoor. How many of you do camping regularly? Sleeping outside is a peaceful and relaxing experience. It can also bring up plenty of fun and playful childhood memories, perhaps of summer camps and road trips with your family.

This trend has not reached Canada yet, but seems to gain popularity in France, the UK and the United-States. It would be culturally interesting to choose a camping wedding in Canada because of our native history. Indeed, the tipis were used as dwellings by aboriginal nomadic tribes living in the Prairies of North America. Choosing a camping wedding could be an original way to pay tribute to the traditional ancestors of this land. (

You may also add aboriginal details to your wedding, for instance feathers, dream catchers and tambourines. Making a campfire would also bring warmth to the evening and create the perfect setting to share stories with your guests.

Likewise, another version of the campfire is trendy this year: chairs and sofas are placed in a circle and a coffee table is set in the middle to represent the campfire. The disparity in the furniture accentuates the boho and vintage aspect of the decor.

Other options

In a camping wedding, the tipis are used to house guests, but if you like the esthetic of tipis but do not wish to stay overnight, you could rent a couple of tipis for the day. They can be used to do your make-up, put your dress on, and later during the day, they can become little intimate spaces in which guests may lay down, chat with friends, and be protected from the sun.

Another way is to rent marquees that look like tipis and use them to create the main indoor space for the day. They will host the dinner tables, the bar, the dance floor, etc.

Finally, the concept of camping weddings fits particularly well with this year trends: it's all about the nomadic lifestyle, the outdoor, the adventure. Enjoy!