Atelier LA LOUVE

Atelier LA LOUVE, a young company based in the Laurentians, was launched by Mélanie Houde in 2014.

I am a young wolf who recycles wood at 100% and transforms it by offering it a new life. With the help of my pyrograder and under the inspiration of nature and a gypsy soul, I create useful and decorative objects with a bohemian touch.

I am very keen to make a difference in the rediscovery of a sustainable way of life and a system of values. I am a food that is passionate about culinary art, wood and creation.

Atelier LA LOUVE offers its creations to restaurants, cafés, bakeries, etc... LA LOUVE creations are equally suitable for wedding receptions, for example, as for simple evenings with friends.

I create unique and personalized objects.

Integrate LA LOUVE in your environment!

Atelier LA LOUVE... Soul naturally inspired.



Facebook: Atelier LA LOUVE

Instagram: @melane1978

Photo credit: Jessica Grenon | Photo & Design
Photo credit: Tsikimamy Photographe
Photo credit: Camille Marciano Photographie
Photo credit: Bianca Morello Portrait Photographer
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